General Interest Courses

Tai Ji Quan, and Qigong Course Full10th Aug to 12th Aug 2020
Tutor: Clare SkeltonMonday to Wednesday


Nurture yourself with three days of gentle exercise to enhance your health and well-being. These traditional Chinese health arts, Tai Ji Quan and Qigong (Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung), create stillness in the mind whilst also increasing vitality and fitness. Your ability to relax, your flexibility, co-ordination and balance will improve with practice. Steve Gorwits (instructor with the Longfei Taijiquan Assoc GB, and a BCCMA L2 Coach) will be joining us for part of the course, bringing his expertise to broaden your experience and to allow us to give you more individual attention. The course is open to everyone, no previous experience is necessary..... read more

"The course was exceptional - with excellent tuition by both tutors.  Steve brought another dimension to the already indepth tuition we get - alll very invigorating and refreshing as usual."  (Summer School 2019)

Mah Jongg - Traditional Chinese way to play13th Aug to 14th Aug 2020
Tutor: Xuzhuang LiThursday to Friday


Mah Jongg has been known as the Chinese national game for centuries. The beauty of tiles, the variety of rules, the eastern tradition and culture in the playing makes the game 'logical, competitive and addictive'. Contrary to common belief, it is easy to learn how to play this fascinating game, but as in many other games, the more one learns, the more one realises how much one needs to learn, The course will be taught in an enjoyable and relaxing way. All-comers welcome..... read more

"Keep up Chinese calligraphy and painting!" (March 2019)

Our Precious Past: unearthing buried treasure and the stories it tells17th Aug to 18th Aug 2020
Tutor: Richard StoneMonday to Tuesday


Long-buried material discovered during archaeological digs, by chance, and by metal detectorists continues to provide valuable insights into our history. This course examines some of the most significant finds, from the Mold Gold Cape to the Staffordshire Hoard via Sutton Hoo. Why were these objects buried? What do they teach us?.... read more

"Most interesting." (Summer School 2019)

Calligraphy: INKteresting, thINKing19 Aug 2020
Tutor: Judi WhymarkWednesday


In this digital age, beautifully handwritten items, such as quotations, cards and invitations, can be very satisfying to create. On this one day workshop, you will spend a relaxing enjoyable time acquiring these skills..... read more