General Interest Courses

Tai Ji Quan, and Qigong 7th Aug to 9th Aug 2017
Tutor: Clare SkeltonMonday to Wednesday


Nurture yourself with three days of gentle exercise to enhance your health and well-being. These traditional Chinese health arts, Tai Ji Quan and Qigong (Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung), create stillness in the mind whilst also increasing vitality and fitness. Your ability to relax, your flexibility, co-ordination and balance will improve with practice. I enjoy working with all ages and will support you to meet your individual health and fitness needs. I will be supported by Steve Gorwits (instructor with the Longfei Taijiquan Assoc GB, and a BCCMA L2 Coach) for one of the days of the course to help allow for some one to one attention and specialist work. The course is suitable for all levels, beginners welcome. .... read more

Photography for Improvers09 Aug 2017
Tutor: Janine KilroeWednesday


Learners will be able to: use their cameras comfortably in manual mode as well as aperture and shutter speed modes. They will also gain a better understanding of when to use these different settings as well as which focal length lens to use in a variety of settings..... read more

Bridge for Beginners10th Aug to 11th Aug 2017
Tutor: Judie DevoyThursday to Friday


This course aims to introduce total beginners to this fascinating game, retaining a sense of fun in what at higher levels can be a very competitive pastime..... read more

Brush up your Bridge14th Aug to 15th Aug 2017
Tutor: Judie DevoyMonday to Tuesday


Does your bidding need an overrhaul? Do opponents make bids you can’t understand? You will enjoy your bridge more when you start getting better results. During this two day course topics will include: Takeout doubles after an opening bid in a suit Bidding after a takeout double Double of no trumps Other uses of doubles.... read more

Medieval Life14th Aug to 16th Aug 2017
Tutor: Richard StoneMonday to Wednesday


What was everyday life like in medieval England? What did people eat and drink? How did they dress? What tools did they use? What crafts did they practise? This course will explore how archaeology, artefacts and visible remains inform our understanding (and may include a ‘virtual’ medieval pub crawl!)..... read more

Alexander Technique - A Day of Discovery16 Aug 2017
Tutor: Janey GoodearlWednesday


Learn to use your body according to its original design, letting go of tension we often unknowingly create, move more freely and easily. This workshop will focus on what you want and need to learn to help you. Exploring issues you may have around posture and movement that you can apply to your everyday lives and your hobbies. .... read more