Creative Crafts Courses

Woodcarving1st Aug to 5th Aug 2022
Tutor: Ernest RiallMonday to Friday


The course aims to introduce complete beginners to the basic skills of carving, chisel sharpening and wood behaviour. In further sessions you may follow a structured course of set projects or develop your own ideas.At every stage you will add to your skills and knowledge of all aspects of carving and develop design skills. Experienced carvers will be helped to develop their own projects and skills.PLEASE NOTE: New venue for 2022 summer school - see below..... read more

Upholstery RestorationCourse Full - Add me to Waiting List15th Aug to 18th Aug 2022
Tutor: David JamesMonday to Thursday


This is a project led course with students providing their own upholstery project to work on under the expert eye and with guidance from a very experienced upholsterer and tutor..... read more

Textiles: Making your Mark: Explore the Expressive Qualities of Line15th Aug to 16th Aug 2022
Tutor: Janet EdmondsMonday to Tuesday


The use of line in design plays an important part in giving rhythm, direction, shape and style to a composition. This course explores these aspects and will provide lots of ideas and inspiration to develop and build confidence to express your ideas into fabric and thread..... read more

"I really enjoyed the course" (June 2019)

Raffia Hat Making15th Aug to 16th Aug 2022
Tutor: Claire RichardsMonday to Tuesday


Make your own beautiful raffia hat during the two days. Relax with raffia, plaiting and learning the skills to make your own bag and many more for family and friends if you wish. Raffia is a lovely material to work with - natural, sustainable and very flexible, which also means forgiving(!) - these days are good for complete beginners. All materials are provided, please just bring a smile….... read more

Modern and Traditional Milanese Lace15th Aug to 17th Aug 2022
Tutor: Claire BonitoMonday to Wednesday


This is a Milanese Lace Summer School course with a primary focus on Milanese lace with other European laces actively supported. This course offers individual tuition to focus on a new project, a new lace or continue and make progress on an existing project. Longer courses give you more concentrated time than a weekly class to make significant progress. The course is taught through individual learning and group demonstrations of techniques as appropriate..... read more

"Excellent tutor! Looking forward to seeing her again." (April 2022)

Decorative Knitting Techniques17th Aug to 19th Aug 2022
Tutor: Sarah Hazell - NEW TUTORWednesday to Friday


This three day course will cover several aspects of decorative knitting techniques and is suitable for knitters who want to add an extra dimension to their work. The project will take the form of creating a cushion cover. You will have the opportunity to knit blocks and panels for your cushion, by exploring different techniques such as 3-D effects, surface decoration, embroidery, edges and trims, slip stitch colour work and some finishing techniques. Your cushion will serve as a reference for future design work. .... read more

Paper Cuts and Embossing18th Aug to 19th Aug 2022
Tutor: Mark L'Argent - NEW TUTORThursday to Friday


Paper-cutting and embossing has gained popularity as it is a very flexible and relaxing medium, which requires a limited number of tools and materials. Suitable for all skill levels, paper-cuts and embossed artworks can be large and small, and as simple or complex as you choose. For all participants there will be plenty of templates and guides to help you get creative. Once you get going with paper, the variations are endless..... read more

Honiton Lace Making22nd Aug to 24th Aug 2022
Tutor: Elizabeth TrebbleMonday to Wednesday


A course suitable for all levels of Honiton Lace makers and for lace makers new to Honiton Lace but with experience in other bobbin laces. This course aims to enable learners to improve skills in Honiton Lace making. For those with experience of Honiton Lace working on new or existing projects there is the opportunity to expand knowledge already attained with encouragement to experiment with technique, design and interpretation. For those new to Honiton Lace instruction will be given in the practice and theory of the lace with the commencement of the first project covering the basic techniques required..... read more

"An excellent weekend - wonderful tutor." (October 2019)

Upholstery Restoration22nd Aug to 25th Aug 2022
Tutor: David JamesMonday to Thursday


This is a project led course with students providing their own upholstery project to work on under the expert eye and with guidance from a very experienced upholsterer and tutor..... read more

Textiles: Funky Faces in Stitch22nd Aug to 23rd Aug 2022
Tutor: Gina FerrariMonday to Tuesday


So, you think you can't draw? Come and join me to make an original portrait which we will convert into stitch in a variety of ways and discover what fun drawing portraits can be. .... read more

"Tutor excellent, lots of demonstrations and individual attention.  Food lovely, room immaculate - really enjoyed it, thank you." (March 2019)

Art Journalling - Mini Books24th Aug to 26th Aug 2022
Tutor: Paula WatkinsWednesday to Friday


Art Journalling is a huge subject and there are so many styles and techniques to be learned. It is really enjoyable to spend each Summer School exploring a series of different themes and some of the special techniques associated with these..... read more

"Fantastic, enthusiastic and generous tutor." (Summer School 2019)

Linocut meets Painting25th Aug to 26th Aug 2022
Tutor: Jessica RoseThursday to Friday


Painting and printmaking don't often combine together but we will be melding two completely different disciplines with stunning results. A must for anyone who's wondered how to take their skills in linocut further..... read more

Great course Jessica was a brilliant tutor and I felt I learnt a great deal from a patient passionate tutor. (Summer School 2021)