Creative Crafts Courses

Upholstery RestorationCourse Full8th Aug to 10th Aug 2020
Tutor: David JamesSaturday to Monday


This is a project led course with students providing their own upholstery project to work on under the expert eye and with guidance from a very experienced upholsterer and tutor..... read more

Fun with Lino CuttingCourse Postponed10th Aug to 12th Aug 2020
Tutor: Anna PyeMonday to Wednesday


Enjoy this fun, creative printmaking. You will learn about the tools, techniques and materials used in this exciting medium, to design and cut your own design on a block of lino, ink it up and print it by hand and a press on a variety of papers. Warning: this can become an addiction!!.... read more

"Absolutely brilliant all round.  Anna - informative, clear, great fun - learned loads." (Summer School 2019)

Paint, Collage, Stitch, Create10th Aug to 11th Aug 2020
Tutor: Gina FerrariMonday to Tuesday


Unleash your creativity as you paint and print your own unique papers and backgrounds, experimenting with colours, textures and mark making using a variety of techniques. Then cut them up and collage them before adding stitch with free machine embroidery to create your own unique artworks. This course is suitable for all levels of experience as full instruction will be given. You will need your own sewing machine and be able to lower the feed dogs..... read more

"Tutor excellent, lots of demonstrations and individual attention.  Food lovely, room immaculate - really enjoyed it, thank you." (March 2019)

WoodcarvingCourse Postponed10th Aug to 14th Aug 2020
Tutor: Ernest Riall - NEW TUTORMonday to Friday


The course aims to introduce complete beginners to the basic skills of carving, chisel sharpening and wood behaviour. In further sessions you may follow a structured course of set projects or develop your own ideas. At every stage you will add to your skills and knowledge of all aspects of carving and develop design skills. Experienced carvers will be helped to develop their own projects and skills..... read more

Upholstery RestorationCourse Full12th Aug to 14th Aug 2020
Tutor: David JamesWednesday to Friday


This is a project led course with students providing their own upholstery project to work on under the expert eye and with guidance from a very experienced upholsterer and tutor..... read more

Mosaics for AllCourse Postponed12th Aug to 14th Aug 2020
Tutor: Rosalind WatesWednesday to Friday


Make a mosaic using beautiful glass and ceramic tesserae. A choice of projects will be available, or you can bring your own. You will learn how to cut and arrange the tiles, and how to grout and complete the mosaic. You will also learn a little about mosaic history and some of the traditional patterns which you can incorporate into your design if you wish..... read more

"Thank you Roz, it was a lovely break for me and an interesting creative adventure!" (August 2018)

Changing the Surface - adding and subtracting12th Aug to 14th Aug 2020
Tutor: Janet EdmondsWednesday to Friday

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Many textile artists are drawn to materials and surfaces weathered by sun, wind and rain, and that are transformed over time into an aesthetic beauty of decay. Close observation of the patination on old, disintegrating surfaces will be the inspiration for this workshop. The act of selecting textures that are changed by the ravages of weather and time such as crumbling stonework, peeling paint, dry plaster and decaying wood, of looking, considering and recording their details, will result in intensely worked surfaces on paper and fabric..... read more

"Excellent tutor who gave helpful and timely advice.  Good range of techniques and methods - I really enjoyed it." (Summer School 2019)

Honiton Lace MakingCourse Postponed17th Aug to 19th Aug 2020
Tutor: Elizabeth TrebbleMonday to Wednesday


A course suitable for all levels of Honiton Lace makers and for lace makers new to Honiton Lace but with experience in other bobbin laces. This course aims to enable learners to improve skills in Honiton Lace making. For those with experience of Honiton Lace working on new or existing projects there is the opportunity to expand knowledge already attained with encouragement to experiment with technique, design and interpretation. For those new to Honiton Lace instruction will be given in the practice and theory of the lace with the commencement of the first project covering the basic techniques required..... read more

"Thank you, I have had a brilliant weekend and learned so much." (October 2019)

Raffia Bag MakingCourse Postponed17th Aug to 18th Aug 2020
Tutor: Claire Richards - NEW TUTORMonday to Tuesday


Make your own beautiful raffia bag during the two days. Relax with raffia, plaiting and learning the skills to make your own bag and many more for family and friends if you wish. Raffia is a lovely material to work with - natural, sustainable and very flexible, which also means forgiving(!) - these days are good for complete beginners. All materials are provided, please just bring a smileā€¦.... read more

Art JournallingCourse Full19th Aug to 21st Aug 2020
Tutor: Paula WatkinsWednesday to Friday


During this three day art journalling course we will enjoy discovering many different aspects of art journalling with an exciting and adventurous combination of mixed media techniques. .... read more

"Paula was creative, informative, inspiring and inclusive. The course was beyond my expectations." (Summer School 2019)

Calligraphy: INKteresting, thINKingCourse Postponed19 Aug 2020
Tutor: Judi WhymarkWednesday


In this digital age, beautifully handwritten items, such as quotations, cards and invitations, can be very satisfying to create. On this one day workshop, you will spend a relaxing enjoyable time acquiring these skills..... read more

A Knitters SketchbookCourse Postponed19th Aug to 21st Aug 2020
Tutor: Sarah Hazell - NEW TUTORWednesday to Friday


This three day course will cover several aspects of decorative knitting techniques and is suitable for knitters who want to add an extra dimension to their work. The project will take the form of creating A Knitter s Sketchbook. You will have the opportunity to knit pages for your Sketchbook, by exploring different techniques such as 3-D effects, surface decoration, embroidery, edges and trims and sequence knitting. Samples will be compiled into a book or folder to serve as a reference for future design work. .... read more