Creative Crafts Courses

Needle Felting Robins and Other Birds 19 Nov 2017
Tutor: Sue PearlSunday


Create a 3D needle-felted robin or other British birds. These birds are brimming with character and can be used to decorate your tree or home during the festive season. Your bird will be 3" - 4" tall, made from fine Scandinavian wool and can be finished off with a jaunty ribbon around the neck. Dry felting - or needle felting - is a simple process in which you create 3D shapes using wool and a barbed needle..... read more

Introduction to Silver Jewellery Making20th Jan to 21st Jan 2018
Tutor: Machi De WaardSaturday to Sunday


Learn the techniques of piercing, shaping, filing, hammering, soldering and finishing as you make a simple silver ring, then try out different texturing methods with a second piece of jewellery. No experience or artistic skills are necessary. You will be given instruction in the use of tools and equipment as the course progresses. Students can choose to work either in silver or they can work in copper. Silver is not included in the cost..... read more

Bonded Surfaces3rd Mar to 4th Mar 2018
Tutor: Lynda MonkSaturday to Sunday


In this workshop we will create amazing textured surfaces from bonding Tyvek fabric to a variety of other fabrics, The finished pieces can then be stitched to enhance the surface or used as they are to create stunning pieces of textile art..... read more

Papercutting and Print28th Apr to 29th Apr 2018
Tutor: Juliette OrtonSaturday to Sunday


In this course, students will learn how to create beautiful papercut artworks and develop them in different ways to achieve varied and exciting outcomes. There will be the opportunity to create several pieces including greeting cards, wall hanging pieces and framed 3D artworks. Although some techniques require careful precision and manipulation, none of them are difficult and are ideal for anybody hoping to find new ways of expressing their creativity..... read more

Making Silver Jewellery with bezel set cabochon stones9th Jun to 10th Jun 2018
Tutor: Machi De WaardSaturday to Sunday


On this course, you will learn how to bezel set a stone on to a piece of silver jewellery you will make. Learn the techniques of piercing, shaping, filing, hammering, soldering and finishing as you make a simple silver ring. We will add a bezel setting on to your ring and then set the stone in the ring. We will then progress on to making a pendant, exploring texturing options and making bails. The pendant will also have a bezel set stone, allowing you to practice your new skill. .... read more

Eco-print Dyeing15th Jun to 17th Jun 2018
Tutor: Sue PearlFriday to Sunday


Eco print dyeing is a fascinating way of printing onto fabric. Using flowers and leaves from gardens and countryside, this is a direct contact printing method that allows the flora and foliage to give up their colours and patterns. The most mundane of plants can give a whole variety of hues. This is not vegetable dyeing but an art of the surprising effects that can be achieved just by wrapping plants in cloth and steaming the bundle..... read more