Creative Arts Courses

Lino Printmaking WeekendCourse Full21st Feb to 23rd Feb 2020
Tutor: Jackie Devereux PSGFAFriday to Sunday


Whether you have dipped into this exciting medium before or not, there will be lots to discover - for all levels. We shall use the latest easy-cut lino and basic tools to create and print unique designs of our own making. Traditional as well as contemporary methods will be employed, and the use of a variety of beautiful delicate papers will tease your taste buds into submission! .... read more

"Wonderful course with an excellent tutor.  I'm delighted with the courses that the school offers." (February 2019)

Chinese Landscape Painting in freehand style22nd Feb to 23rd Feb 2020
Tutor: Kaili FuSaturday to Sunday


This course is for painting Chinese landscapes on rice paper in the freehand style. The learners will learn basic elements of landscape painting, and finish complete paintings. The cultural background and significance will be introduced and discussed throughout the course. This course is suitable for both beginners and the more experienced..... read more

"All good!" (Summer School 2019)

Winter Into Spring: Ink and Coloured Pencil Landscape22nd Feb to 23rd Feb 2020
Tutor: Helen Hanson SBASaturday to Sunday


The unusual combination of ink and coloured pencil is perfectly suited to early spring. New twigs add a haze of colour to winter trees, land colours are muted and the first flowers are out to add interest. You will learn techniques for mark-making in ink and coloured pencil application and the two will be integrated to suit the subject. Some experience of coloured pencil work and composition is useful but not essential..... read more

"Very conscientious and hard working tutor - and easy going, which helps." (August 2018)

Finds, Feathers and Shells22nd Feb to 23rd Feb 2020
Tutor: Jill WinchSaturday to Sunday


This is a two day course using coloured pencils painting finds, feathers and shells. Jill will bring along plenty of objects to ensure this course full of information and practical advice. There will be lots of demonstrations throughout the weekend on using coloured pencils to achieve the fine hairs of a feather, or the smooth and twisted shapes of the shells, or even a knarled piece of wood. Bring along your own items or use some of the many objects that Jill will provide. .... read more

"Excellent.  Jill was lovely and very helpful.  Great teaching and very nice atmosphere."  (Summer School 2019)

How Wet is Wet-into-Wet? More drizzling and drooling over pure Watercolour13th Mar to 15th Mar 2020
Tutor: Jackie Devereux PSGFAFriday to Sunday

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A weekend dedicated to developing the joys of creating confident, loose watercolours - definitely not pale and insipid - but not quite mad! Thoroughly learning the basics of brushwork, simple colour mixing, as well as taking on board the basics of good composition, will be the main objectives for this weekend. Observation and how to interpret a subject through a series of experimental exercises, will undoubtedly lead you another level! Be prepared for spills and thrills! .... read more

"I have learned many new things, with excellent demonstrations and advice from the tutor." (April 2019)

Chinese Brush Painting: Studying Wang Xuetao14th Mar to 15th Mar 2020
Tutor: William CaiSaturday to Sunday


Through face to face instruction and with traditional demonstrations, this course will introduce the work of the artist Wang Xuetao (1903 to 1982), a famous modern Chinese painter, and accomplished master who made outstanding contributions to small freehand flower and bird painting. He was the President of Beijing Art Academy, Director of China Artists Association, and Vice-Chairman of the Beijing branch of the Art Association. In this workshop, through the study and research of Wang Xuetao's works, we will understand and master the essence of this master of Chinese painting. .... read more

"The course was wonderful." (Summer School 2019)

Drypoint Printing for Beginners14th Mar to 15th Mar 2020
Tutor: Janine KilroeSaturday to Sunday


Explore the creative fun and enjoyment of Drypoint printmaking. Drypoint is a printmaking technique of the intaglio family, in which an image is incised into a plate with a hard-pointed "needle" of sharp metal or a diamond point. You can create your very own greeting cards, prints and more..... read more

Chinese Painting Workshop: Insects, Flowers and Fish Course Full27th Mar to 29th Mar 2020
Tutor: Peng Su - NEW TUTORFriday to Sunday


Traditional Chinese ink brush painting with a focus on fish, flowers and insects. Suitable for all levels, Chinese artist Peng Su will cover the traditional materials and freestyle brushstrokes behind subjects such as iridescent dragonflies, peonies, and leaping carp. Through demonstrations and one-on-one support, you will ultimately create your own authentic compositions. Peng Su focuses on mastering subtle impressionist movements of the brush, telling nature's stories, and the importance of an artist's spirit..... read more

Tulips in Coloured Pencil28th Mar to 29th Mar 2020
Tutor: Roger ReynoldsSaturday to Sunday


Tulips have such strong colours they really demand to be tackled in coloured pencil. You will be able to choose the complexity of the tulip you want to paint, so the course will suit beginners and the most adventurous botanical artists. Help with techniques and pencil use (including demonstrations) will be provided according to individual needs. This is an opportunity to make use of all those colours!.... read more

"So pleased to have Roger's tuition and encouragement." (Summer School 2019)

Spring Bouquet - vibrant watercolour painting05 Apr 2020
Tutor: Nicky Hunter - NEW TUTORSunday


Paint a vibrant spring bouquet in watercolour from beautiful fresh spring flowers, learn techniques how to loosen up and give your floral images and still life a bit of vibrancy and zing and keep the translucent beauty of watercolour singing from the page..... read more

More Spills and Thrills ... an extraordinary thINKtank using ink and watercolour24th Apr to 26th Apr 2020
Tutor: Jackie Devereux PSGFAFriday to Sunday


No nonsense approaches to buildings, objects and anything on the table will be the on the cards this weekend! Getting to grips with handling the materials, then experimentation, interpretation and exciting composition is what will set the work apart - a thoroughly modern approach! .... read more

"A lovely weekend; a happy group, thank you." (March 2019)

Chinese Brush Painting: Flower and BirdCourse Full24th Apr to 26th Apr 2020
Tutor: Lei Lei QuFriday to Sunday

During this course we will study flowers and birds in the freehand style, along with brush strokes and ink techniques, to enable participants to build the structures of the subjects and to capture and depict the expression of the spirit..... read more

"Very enjoyable course - never enough time!" (November 2019)

Botanical Illustration - Apple Blossom 25th Apr to 26th Apr 2020
Tutor: Roger ReynoldsSaturday to Sunday


This course takes you through the interesting challenges of painting of one of the most iconic spring flowers. We will look at the problem of painting white blossom on white paper, how to compose and draw the complex pattern of flowers, green leaves and brown bark, and how to drop in the delicate shades of pink on the opening blooms. It is a course where there is a lot to learn, but is very rewarding..... read more

"Always enjoy coming to Missenden - quality of tuition excellent." (Summer School 2019)

Paint like Les Fauves ... The Wild Beasts9th May to 10th May 2020
Tutor: Richard BoxSaturday to Sunday


Les Fauves (The Wild Beasts) is the name given to a group of artists who had an exhibition of their work in 1905. Their paintings were so surprisingly colourful that the art critic, Louis Vauxcelles coined the term. This course is for all of you who would like to paint with bright and bold colours and to use them expressively rather than naturalistically. .... read more

"Excellent course - cannot wait to do my next one." (Summer School 2019)

Chinese Brush Painting: Studying Ma Yuan9th May to 10th May 2020
Tutor: William CaiSaturday to Sunday


Through face to face instruction and with traditional demonstrations, this course will introduce the work of the famous lanscape artist Ma Yuan. 'One-corner Ma' was a great painter in the Southern Song dynasty. In this workshop, through the study and research of Ma Yuan's works, we will understand and master the essence of Chinese painting from the Southern Song dynasty. "His brushwork was excellent, firm and simple, with strong lines, and "axe cut and split" brushwork for texture. His pine trees were very tall and strong as if they were made of iron wire, sometimes painted with a stump brush" according to a contemporary commentator. .... read more

"Another great workshop with William.  There is a lot to learn and it's fun!  William is very skilful and knowledgeable." (Summer School 2019)

Birds of Prey with Coloured Pencil9th May to 10th May 2020
Tutor: Jonathan NeweySaturday to Sunday


This is a two day course that aims to introduce students to drawing portraits of birds of prey with coloured pencil. The course will practice a variety of pencil techniques including using the pencils on different surfaces. The tutor will demonstrate each exercise step by step in a relaxed and friendly manner, showing you how to draw eyes, beaks, feathers and other features of birds of prey..... read more

"Altogether excellent! Lovely place, tutor superb, hope to come again." (Summer School 2019)

Less is More - Creating contemporary compositions in watercolour22nd May to 24th May 2020
Tutor: Jackie Devereux PSGFAFriday to Sunday


Incorporating hand embossing and collage this totally creative experience will take you through the thought process and practicalities of making contemporary artwork. Emphasis will be on simplicity with a high degree of emphasis placed on composition and why it is so important. All levels welcome. .... read more

"Excellent course - I have learned so much, Jackie is such an inspiring teacher.  I am full of ideas to try at home and will certainly book onto another course." (Summer School 2019)

Chinese Calligraphy - Running Style23rd May to 24th May 2020
Tutor: Xuzhuang LiSaturday to Sunday


Chinese Calligraphy has been regarded as an essential part of Chinese culture and a unique form of oriental art with over 4,000 years of history. Among the five different scripts, running script is the most practical and useful. This weekend course will focus on running script, from basic strokes to some popular phrases and meaningful titles used in Chinese flower- bird and landscape paintings as well as some interesting stand - alone phrases for calligraphy, the course is suitable for all levels and will be conducted with introduction, demonstration and individual supervision in an encouraging and enjoyable way..... read more

"Keep up Chinese calligraphy and painting!" (March 2019)

Life Drawing the Chinese Way12th Jun to 14th Jun 2020
Tutor: Lei Lei QuFriday to Sunday


Use Chinese brush and ink (also colour) to draw from a life model. This course aims to promote the use of Chinese philosophy to observe and express the natural world of beautiful shape through brush stroke and ink techniques. Please note: this course is to be held upstairs in The Barn Hall so unfortunately access is limited..... read more

"Great - please keep it up!" (November 2019)