Creative Arts Courses

Landscapes and Buildings with Pen and WashCourse Postponed10th Aug to 12th Aug 2020
Tutor: Jonathan NeweyMonday to Wednesday


This is a three day course that will introduce you to sketching landscapes and buildings in the landscape with pen and watercolour wash. You will be shown how to combine waterproof pen with a watercolour wash to sketch buildings in the landscape including architectural detail, trees, bushes and figures for scale. Using demonstrations and working from photographs supplied by the tutor, you will be shown how each technique can be achieved. Ideal for beginners and students with some knowledge..... read more

"Great course and excellent tutor." (Summer School 2019)

Fun with Lino CuttingCourse Postponed10th Aug to 12th Aug 2020
Tutor: Anna PyeMonday to Wednesday


Enjoy this fun, creative printmaking. You will learn about the tools, techniques and materials used in this exciting medium, to design and cut your own design on a block of lino, ink it up and print it by hand and a press on a variety of papers. Warning: this can become an addiction!!.... read more

"Very helpful tutor and very friendly group - two days passed quickly. (Summer School 2019)"

Paint, Collage, Stitch, Create10th Aug to 11th Aug 2020
Tutor: Gina FerrariMonday to Tuesday


Unleash your creativity as you paint and print your own unique papers and backgrounds, experimenting with colours, textures and mark making using a variety of techniques. Then cut them up and collage them before adding stitch with free machine embroidery to create your own unique artworks. This course is suitable for all levels of experience as full instruction will be given. You will need your own sewing machine and be able to lower the feed dogs..... read more

"Tutor excellent, lots of demonstrations and individual attention.  Food lovely, room immaculate - really enjoyed it, thank you." (March 2019)

Hedgerow plants in WatercolourCourse Postponed10th Aug to 12th Aug 2020
Tutor: Roger ReynoldsMonday to Wednesday


The plants which fill our summer hedgerows with shapes and colours give us a wide opportunity for artistic creativity, from the subtle wild roses and brambles to the brash poppies on the edge of the growing corn. The course looks at the species that we find growing around us and the ways of tackling their portraits, maybe a single species or a combination (like poppies and corn), looking at the techniques to build portraits of the ones most admired..... read more

"Excellent - best course yet."  (Summer School 2019)

Getting Started - an introduction to watercolour paintingCourse Postponed10th Aug to 11th Aug 2020
Tutor: Jessica RoseMonday to Tuesday


This absorbing two day workshop will give you the skills to master watercolour, a form of painting that can produce effects unmatched by any other medium. You will learn to mix luminous colours, create cascading washes and understand how to use the many exciting types of brushes available. This course will give you the confidence to handle this hypnotic, addictive medium and produce paintings with transparency and glow! .... read more

"The tutor was very easy to understand, the demonstrations were clear and the techniques learnt very useful." (October 2019)

Chinese Brush Painting - Painting Big Birds in freehand style Course Postponed10th Aug to 11th Aug 2020
Tutor: Kaili FuMonday to Tuesday


This practical course covers the basic skills of painting big birds in freehand style and will give students the chance to try out the techniques and materials used as well as looking at the culture behind the art. The big birds will be eagles, pheasants, roosters and cranes with some background. The tutor will help students learn how to hold the brush and mix different colours and ink on to it. The course will also include some demonstration and individual supervision. Both beginners and experienced students are welcome. .... read more

"Kaili Fu is a great teacher and I enjoyed her course." (May 2019)

Summer Serenity: Landscape in Ink and Coloured PencilCourse Postponed12th Aug to 14th Aug 2020
Tutor: Helen Hanson SBAWednesday to Friday


Try out this unique approach to landscape, integrating ink and coloured pencil without colouring in. Mark making in ink works well with the smooth textures of coloured pencil. Using a range of simple techniques, you will develop a watery landscape with appropriate surroundings and flora. Both the process and the subject create calm as you observe and interpret light, shade and detail. Bring your own images or choose from the tutor s inspiring collection..... read more

"The course was excellent - a good balance of tuition and freedom to create our own end product." (Summer School 2019)

Simply Gorgeous Watercolours with a Modern Twist ...Course Postponed12th Aug to 14th Aug 2020
Tutor: Jackie Devereux PSGFAWednesday to Friday


Composition will be key during this three day course we shall be looking both at creating simple yet dynamic compositions through landscape as well as floral studies. We shall revel in the purity of colour and experience the joy of positive mark-making and how to get the best out of the simplest of ideas. .... read more

"Excellent as always." (March 2019)

Take Ink, Watercolour, a spoonful of daring, take a deep breath - and stir12th Aug to 14th Aug 2020
Tutor: Jackie Devereux PSGFAWednesday to Friday


This outrageously creative three day course will take the fear out of picture-making. Through a series of modules aimed at overcoming the fear of spontaneous mark-making, we shall create a collection of exciting images based on everyday objects and/or structures. .... read more

"A lovely weekend; a happy group, thank you." (March 2019)

Chinese Brush Painting: Tigers!Course Postponed13th Aug to 14th Aug 2020
Tutor: William CaiThursday to Friday


A special 2 day Chinese painting workshop studying how to use Chinese painting techniques to depict animals. The main subject of this workshop is 'tiger'. You will also learn about some other subjects that often appear in Chinese paintings whilst discussing and depicting the background of the tiger: E.G. stones, pine trees, and waterfalls..... read more

"The course was wonderful." (Summer School 2019)

Clematis in Coloured PencilCourse Full17th Aug to 18th Aug 2020
Tutor: Roger ReynoldsMonday to Tuesday


The garden Clematis provides an opportunity to use the versatility of coloured pencils to the full. Choose your subject carefully and you can have challenging colours to mix, superb leaf curls to draw and textures to work at that make you grab for your pencils. We will look at layout, drawing, researching colours and how to build up textures for a really attractive piece of work..... read more

"Roger is an excellent, knowledgeable tutor. Very supportive and helpful." (May 2019)

Take Ink, Watercolour, a spoonful of daring, take a deep breath - and stirCourse Full17th Aug to 19th Aug 2020
Tutor: Jackie Devereux PSGFAMonday to Wednesday


This outrageously creative three day course will take the fear out of picture-making. Through a series of modules aimed at overcoming the fear of spontaneous mark-making, we shall create a collection of exciting images based on everyday objects and/or structures. .... read more

"Thoroughly enjoyable course, lots of information and useful ideas.  Going home inspired to do more!" (Summer School 2019)

Art JournallingCourse Full19th Aug to 21st Aug 2020
Tutor: Paula WatkinsWednesday to Friday


During this three day art journalling course we will enjoy discovering many different aspects of art journalling with an exciting and adventurous combination of mixed media techniques. .... read more

"Paula was creative, informative, inspiring and inclusive. The course was beyond my expectations." (Summer School 2019)

Calligraphy: INKteresting, thINKingCourse Postponed19 Aug 2020
Tutor: Judi WhymarkWednesday


In this digital age, beautifully handwritten items, such as quotations, cards and invitations, can be very satisfying to create. On this one day workshop, you will spend a relaxing enjoyable time acquiring these skills..... read more

Drawing for the Terrified - in MonochromeCourse Postponed20 Aug 2020
Tutor: Richard BoxThursday


Are you terrified of drawing but have a secret longing to learn how to do it? Then enrol on this course where Richard will guide you through certain processes slowly, gently and step by step. If you follow his 'recipes', you will be amazed at what you will be able to draw..... read more

"Excellent course - cannot wait to do my next one." (Summer School 2019)

Super Size your Sunflowers - vibrant watercolour painting20th Aug to 21st Aug 2020
Tutor: Nicky Hunter - NEW TUTORThursday to Friday


We will use beautiful fresh sunflowers to create a vibrant watercolour painting. Working bold and supersized in a loose and lively watercolour painting style, we aim to achieve soft defused edges contrasting with brave dynamic brushstrokes which is the beauty of the medium of watercolour. Capture the flowers' sunny radiance and their characterful twisted veiny leaves. Learn techniques on how to loosen up and give your floral images a bit of vibrancy and zing and keep the colours fresh and let their translucency sing from the page..... read more

Chinese Painting: Beauty of Summer in Chinese Xieyi InkCourse Full20th Aug to 21st Aug 2020
Tutor: Peng Su - NEW TUTORThursday to Friday


Chinese ink brush painting with a focus on summer flowers and insects. Suitable for all levels with demonstrations, individual support, and opportunities to add advanced details. The course is intended to be an enjoyable experience for nature lovers wishing to capture the spirit of summer with this freestyle technique. Artist Peng Su will cover the traditional materials and brushstrokes before moving on to summer subjects such as Foxgloves, Lilies, Green Crickets, and Damselflies..... read more

Botanical studies: Summer Fruits and Vegetables in Coloured PencilsCourse Postponed20th Aug to 21st Aug 2020
Tutor: Jill WinchThursday to Friday


Two days of colour! Jill will guide students on how to use the wonderful colours found in coloured pencils to depict the glorious summer fruits and vegetables. There will be lots of individual tuition and group demonstrations..... read more

"Excellent.  Jill was lovely and very helpful.  Great teaching and very nice atmosphere."  (Summer School 2019)

Painting for the PetrifiedCourse Postponed21 Aug 2020
Tutor: Richard BoxFriday


Are you petrified of painting but long to try watercolours and have been deterred by the erroneous myth that they are supposed to be difficult ? If so, this course is for you!.... read more

"Excellent course - cannot wait to do my next one." (Summer School 2019)