Creative Arts Courses

Chinese Brush Painting: Summer Flower and Insects in Freehand and Meticulous Style6th Aug to 7th Aug 2018
Tutor: Kaili FuMonday to Tuesday


Through the tutors introduction and demonstration and followed by individual supervision beginners will learn the basic skills to paint some summer flowers and insects in two different popular and practical ways: freehand and meticulous styles.on sized Rice Paper or Silk. More experienced learners will benefit from the tutor s supervision to develop further their preferred areas and painting subjects. The course will be conducted in an encouraging and relaxed way. .... read more

Painting in Acrylics for the PetrifiedCourse Full6th Aug to 7th Aug 2018
Tutor: Richard BoxMonday to Tuesday


Are you petrified of painting but long to try acrylics, but have been deterred by the erroneous myth that they are supposed to be "difficult"? Richard will dispel that myth and teach you, step by step, how to paint a picture achieving marvellous effects. Starting with numerous layers of translucent colours, we will progress to using the paint more opaquely using techniques known as "scumbling" and "impasto" in certain areas that require exciting emphasis..... read more

Go Wild and Loose on this Watercolour Journey6th Aug to 8th Aug 2018
Tutor: Jackie Devereux PSGFAMonday to Wednesday


An experimental three day trip test driving brushes and experimenting with pure transparent colours. Discover the joys of creative expressive mark-making whilst interpreting simple still life objects with flowers. Please note that this class will take place in an upstairs classroom..... read more

Chinese Brush Painting: Freehand Brushwork - Year of The Dog8th Aug to 10th Aug 2018
Tutor: William CaiWednesday to Friday


Through face to face instruction and with demonstrations, this course is to study how to use brushes by studying freehand brushwork. Drawing bamboo is the basic skill of Chinese painting and we will be able to train the brushes by drawing bamboo. After this we will learn to use 'boneless painting' for painted flowers. As this is the Chinese year of the dog, we will draw a dog freehand and finally, the flowers will be combined with the dog to form a complete art work. .... read more

Illustrating Orchids in Coloured Pencil9th Aug to 10th Aug 2018
Tutor: Roger ReynoldsThursday to Friday


With a good set of pencils (which can be loaned for the course) recording the colours, textures and patterning of the orchid blooms is possible. Artistically, the individuality and complexity of the orchid flowers is really motivating and with pencils you can control the process of adding colour in an easy way. This is an opportunity to create a lovely painting and learn about the techniques of pencil work too..... read more

Drizzle and Splash with Watercolour, Ink, Collage and PrintCourse Full13th Aug to 15th Aug 2018
Tutor: Jackie Devereux PSGFAMonday to Wednesday


Expect the unexpected during these three days of pure experimental play, where the journey may lead you up the garden path, but hey, what a journey of discovery! You will gain knowledge of watercolour and ink and confidence to break free from the usual constraints. Please note that this class will take place in an upstairs classroom..... read more

Watercolour painting of Insects, Bugs and Butterflies13th Aug to 15th Aug 2018
Tutor: Roger ReynoldsMonday to Wednesday


The idea is to be as wide-ranging as possible with this course. The opportunity exists to draw (pen or pencil) or paint (watercolour or coloured pencil) from real specimens, with help and guidance in understanding insects, and of course in the artistic techniques. Individuals will be able to choose what they wish to depict from real specimens, but discussion and demonstration will also include how to show insects in flight..... read more

High Summer: Landscape in Ink and Coloured Pencil16th Aug to 17th Aug 2018
Tutor: Helen Hanson SBAThursday to Friday


This course takes a new and interesting approach to landscape using pen and coloured pencil. The two are developed together (without colouring in) to create a balanced image. The stark lines and marks in ink contrast pleasingly with the soft-edged colours. We shall use a variety of simple coloured pencil techniques and the process itself is absorbing and therapeutic. Enjoy creating the landscapes of high summer, with wild plants in context..... read more

Botanical Illustration: Summer Fruits in Watercolour and Coloured Pencils16th Aug to 17th Aug 2018
Tutor: Jill WinchThursday to Friday


On this two day course we will look at the many different summer fruits that can be painted with either watercolour or coloured pencils: blackberries, blueberries, cherries, apples, pears, damsons or plums. The course will cover how to achieve the dark, rich colours of the damsons and cherries, the delicate flowers and fruits of the blackberries, and the bloom on damsons and plums..... read more