Creative Arts Courses

Pure Watercolours with a Contemporary TwistCourse Full7th Aug to 9th Aug 2017
Tutor: Jackie Devereux PSGFAMonday to Wednesday


This intensive experimental workshop encompasses a wealth of techniques and ideas leading to producing strong minimalistic compositions. We shall apply paint in a variety of ways, be making impressions and marks not generally associated with watercolours. Our focus for the course will be still life, and (weather permitting) we may take to the great outdoors for inspiration. There will be ample opportunity for demonstrations, discussion and one-to-one tuition, ending with presentation techniques..... read more

Botanical Illustration: Shells and Feathers in Watercolour or Coloured Pencils7th Aug to 8th Aug 2017
Tutor: Jill WinchMonday to Tuesday


This is a two day course on shells and feathers, working with either watercolour, coloured pencils, pen and ink or even a combination of all three. Using Jill's collection of shells and feathers, the course will be full of demonstrations and helpful advice in how to achieve the many shapes, twists and turns in shells and fine hairs in feathers. .... read more

Botanical Illustration: Painting the Vibrant Colours of Summer Blooms9th Aug to 11th Aug 2017
Tutor: Roger ReynoldsWednesday to Friday


The bright colours of summer flowers offer the opportunity to make very fine paintings. However dealing with these hues raises issues for the botanical illustrator because they are often close to primary colours which cannot easily be mixed. We will look at the options to solve the problems of handling vibrant colours and their shadows as well. .... read more

Chinese Brush Painting: Freehand Flowers10th Aug to 11th Aug 2017
Tutor: William CaiThursday to Friday


Through face to face instruction and with demonstrations, this course will study the characteristics of Chinese painting around the subject of freehand flowers. Learning content will include: how to use the Chinese brush; how to draw beautiful brush strokes, and the requirements of drawing line. We will also look at how to use the brush with the special techniques required for painting Chinese colour. .... read more

Calligraphy: Make your Mark!10th Aug to 11th Aug 2017
Tutor: Judi WhymarkThursday to Friday


In this digital age, a beautifully handwritten envelope, letter, invitation card or place card is very noticeable, and usually much appreciated. Spend a relaxing and satisfying couple of days achieving these skills..... read more

Bold and Expressive Ink with Luscious WatercolourCourse Full14th Aug to 17th Aug 2017
Tutor: Jackie Devereux PSGFAMonday to Thursday


This course is an experience not to be missed – increase your confidence as you experiment with pen+ink – see how it flows and enhances pure watercolour techniques – experience the excitement as the two mediums blend with amazing effects, some of which appear as if by magic…….! We shall be taking a lateral view of the world around us – using different papers and putting a lot of imagination into our work as we take a journey together ‘out of the box’. With a blend of detailed work and loose watercolour, some very expressive marks will creep in too, so be prepared for some excitement and be surprised rather than afraid!.... read more

Botanical Illustration: Summer Fruits in Coloured Pencil14th Aug to 15th Aug 2017
Tutor: Roger ReynoldsMonday to Tuesday


The great strength of coloured pencil illustration is in getting the wonderful mixtures of colour in fruit and conveying their smooth shiny surfaces. This course will consider the methods to be used to get lively, interesting depiction of the range of fruit that should be available to us in summertime. It will concentrate on how to use pencils to obtain image of three dimensional shapes in high colour..... read more

How to Approach Abstract Art15th Aug to 16th Aug 2017
Tutor: Richard BoxTuesday to Wednesday


Here is an exciting opportunity for you to express emotions, moods, sentiments and even your innermost feelings in purely abstract terms. Throughout the course you will engage in making several collaged and painted pictures that express particular moods with a variety of media such as paper, card, fabric, threads, acrylic paint and pastels etc..... read more