Creative Arts Courses

Chinese Brush Painting: Flower and BirdCourse Full12th Apr to 14th Apr 2019
Tutor: Lei Lei QuFriday to Sunday


During this course we will study flowers and birds in the freehand style, along with brush strokes and ink techniques, to enable participants to build the structures of the subjects and to capture and depict the expression of the spirit..... read more

Spring into Action with Wild and Wonderful WatercoloursCourse Full12th Apr to 14th Apr 2019
Tutor: Jackie Devereux PSGFAFriday to Sunday


Explore brush techniques - indulge in colour - blend the two ……….. et voila! On this weekend workshop we shall concentrate on getting the most out of everything - the paper, the brushes and the paint ………. and by the end of the weekend you will forget that you have a brush in hand - it will become a natural extension to your hand. Take all the spills and thrills and throw caution out of the window …………. All levels of ability welcome..... read more

Pet Portraits with Coloured Pencil4th May to 5th May 2019
Tutor: Jonathan NeweySaturday to Sunday


This is a two day course that aims to introduce students to drawing pet portraits with coloured pencil. The course will practise basic pencil techniques including shading, texturing, blending and embossing. The tutor will demonstrate each exercise step by step in a relaxed and friendly manner, showing you how to draw fur, eyes, noses, feathers and other features of domestic animals such as cats, dogs and budgerigars..... read more

Chinese Landscape Painting:Flower, Fruit and Bird in freehand style4th May to 5th May 2019
Tutor: Kaili FuSaturday to Sunday


Through the tutors introduction and demonstrations and followed by individual supervision, beginners will learn the basic skills in holding brushes correctly and mixing different colours for single brush strokes when painting flower petals in freehand styles. More experienced learners will benefit from the tutors supervision in developing further their preferred areas and painting subjects. The course will be conducted in an encouraging and relaxed way. .... read more

Botanical Illustration - Spring flowers4th May to 5th May 2019
Tutor: Jill WinchSaturday to Sunday


This two day course will concentrate on the beautiful emerging spring flowers, in particular the Magnolia, whose flowers range from pure white to deep mauve. During the course Jill will look at how to paint white flowers, through to delicate pink and the more intense colours on offer..... read more

Irises in Watercolour18th May to 19th May 2019
Tutor: Roger ReynoldsSaturday to Sunday


Watercolour is the medium for creating an exciting image of a big showy Iris. Techniques to help you get the flower correctly proportioned will be explained so you can make a reliable drawing. Demonstrations of colour mixing, and ways of portraying the delicate flower structure will be included, as will dealing with the folded dry papery coverings of the buds. This is a challenge but so worth it!.... read more

Spring Woodlands: Ink and Coloured Pencil Landscape18th May to 19th May 2019
Tutor: Helen Hanson SBASaturday to Sunday


Coloured pencil is increasing in popularity and combines interestingly with ink. Enjoy creating the light and shade of the woodland in spring with appropriate plants. Some experience of coloured pencil work and composition is useful but not essential. You will learn techniques for mark-making in ink and coloured pencil application and practise integrating the two to suit the subject. You will develop a small landscape creatively, without colouring in. .... read more

Life Drawing the Chinese Way14th Jun to 16th Jun 2019
Tutor: Lei Lei QuFriday to Sunday


Use Chinese brush and ink (also colour) to draw from a life model. This course aims to promote the use of Chinese philosophy to observe and express the natural world of beautiful shape through brush stroke and ink techniques. Please note: this course is to be held upstairs in The Barn Hall so unfortunately access is limited..... read more