Creative Arts Courses

Summer Meadows: an introduction to landscape in ink and coloured pencil21st May to 22nd May 2022
Tutor: Helen Hanson SBASaturday to Sunday


This course explores Helen's fresh approach to landscape, using drawing pens and artist-quality coloured pencils. Inspired by the colour and profusion of our native wildflower meadows, we shall progress from demonstrations and a step-by-step approach to individual support for your own style. Creative ink and coloured pencil techniques, such as embossing and lifting out, are easy to learn and effective; this is slow art, but relaxing and rewarding in its results..... read more

"Well thought out course with plenty of information and tuition, but not too much!  Everyone allowed to work at their own level and in their own way which I strongly approve of.  Classroom facilities good with plenty of working room. Good food."  (Summer School 2019)

Woodcarving21st May to 22nd May 2022
Tutor: Ernest RiallSaturday to Sunday


This course is for all levels. Complete beginners will be introduced to the basic skills of carving, chisel sharpening and wood behaviour. In further sessions you may follow a structured course of set projects or develop your own ideas.At every stage you will add to your skills and knowledge of all aspects of carving and develop design skills. Experienced carvers will be helped to develop their own projects and skills..... read more

Small Format Strong Contemporary Ink and Watercolour Works on PaperCourse Full - Add me to Waiting List10th Jun to 12th Jun 2022
Tutor: Jackie Devereux Friday to Sunday


A workshop full of surprises ... let s get brave with these liquid challenges..... read more

"Excellent course - I have learned so much, Jackie is such an inspiring teacher.  I am full of ideas to try at home and will certainly book onto another course." (Summer School 2019)

Making your Mark: Explore the Expressive Qualities of Line15th Aug to 16th Aug 2022
Tutor: Janet EdmondsMonday to Tuesday


The use of line in design plays an important part in giving rhythm, direction, shape and style to a composition. This course explores these aspects and will provide lots of ideas and inspiration to develop and build confidence to express your ideas into fabric and thread..... read more

"Always inspiring and encouraging - a good opportunity to learn new techniques in a supportive atmosphere, and polish up old ones.  I now have enough skills and ideas to keep me going for the next few months!" (November 2019)

Summer Meadow Flowers and Bees and Vibrant Irises in Watercolour15th Aug to 16th Aug 2022
Tutor: Nicky Hunter Monday to Tuesday


Spend two days painting vibrant loose and lively watercolours with expression chasing the light and aiming for transparent and lustrous colours. We will look at summer meadow flowers and bees and also vibrant irises..... read more

I really enjoyed the course and all the tuition and demonstrations that Nicky did. I thought she was excellent and a very good teacher. And very patient!! (Summer School 2021)

Watercolour with more than a hint of INK17th Aug to 19th Aug 2022
Tutor: Jackie Devereux Wednesday to Friday


Explore the watercolour medium beyond the 'norm', with more than a hint of risk taking, as we think out of the box, experiment and stretch our ideas, and lose ourselves in colour. .... read more

"Jackie is a great teacher who loves to share her knowledge with her students." (Summer School 2019)

Egg Tempera Demystified17th Aug to 19th Aug 2022
Tutor: Maz Jackson - NEW TUTORWednesday to Friday


Enjoy making a painting of any subject matter you wish by applying egg tempera to a gesso panel. You will be taken through initial exercises to familiarise yourself with the handling of this ancient medium and then build up a unique painting of your own..... read more

Chinese Brush Painting - Over the Misty Mountains17th Aug to 19th Aug 2022
Tutor: Paul MaslowskiWednesday to Friday


Explore your first (or a deeper) taste of the art of the Chinese Brush with Paul who was traditionally trained. In this course we will explore and build on mountains and water. Working toward the principles of the Chinese Landscape will give us the opportunity to explore this classical subject along with other subjects that may be seen with them..... read more

Great course Great teacher. (Summer School 2021)

Paper Cuts and Embossing18th Aug to 19th Aug 2022
Tutor: Mark L'Argent - NEW TUTORThursday to Friday


Paper-cutting and embossing has gained popularity as it is a very flexible and relaxing medium, which requires a limited number of tools and materials. Suitable for all skill levels, paper-cuts and embossed artworks can be large and small, and as simple or complex as you choose. For all participants there will be plenty of templates and guides to help you get creative. Once you get going with paper, the variations are endless..... read more

Drawing with Graphite Pencils using Botanicals18th Aug to 19th Aug 2022
Tutor: Jill WinchThursday to Friday


A relaxing two day course where Jill will guide you around the use of pencils when drawing. You will learn how to create shade and tone with different pencils, how to achieve accuracy, and where to apply the darkest tones and also the lightest..... read more

"Excellent.  Jill was lovely and very helpful.  Great teaching and very nice atmosphere."  (Summer School 2019)

INK with more than a hint of Watercolour22nd Aug to 24th Aug 2022
Tutor: Jackie Devereux Monday to Wednesday


If you think watercolour with ink is scary, then you really need to try this out! It's more than scary, it's exciting, exhilarating, and amazing. From baby steps, immediately into the deep end, where fear goes out of the window within the first 30 seconds..... read more

Jackie always does an enjoyable course and this was no exception. (Summer School 2021)

The 'Travelling Sketchbook' comes to Missenden22nd Aug to 24th Aug 2022
Tutor: Barry Herniman - NEW TUTORMonday to Wednesday


A great chance to hone up your 'sketching' skills working 'en plein air' in and around the Missenden environs. Learn some new techniques as you explore the area and respond to your own chosen subject. Spend an exciting few days sketching in your desired medium be it watercolour, pastel, coloured pencils or anything that will make a mark!! A super opportunity to 'loosen up' and enjoy your art..... read more

Funky Faces in Stitch22nd Aug to 23rd Aug 2022
Tutor: Gina FerrariMonday to Tuesday


So, you think you can't draw? Come and join me to make an original portrait which we will convert into stitch in a variety of ways and discover what fun drawing portraits can be. .... read more

"Brilliant course, really enjoyed it." (March 2019)

People Portraits with Watercolour and Coloured Pencil24th Aug to 26th Aug 2022
Tutor: Jonathan NeweyWednesday to Friday


This is a three day course that will show you how to achieve the texture, colour and character of people using watercolour and coloured pencils (crayons). Using photos supplied and after tracing down the outline you will be shown how to mix the skin tones and then paint the basic colours of the eyes, hair and skin with the watercolour. You will then be shown how to use the pencil to add detail and texture..... read more

"Jonathan was an excellent and enthusiastic and helpful tutor." (May 2019)

Art Journalling - Mini Books24th Aug to 26th Aug 2022
Tutor: Paula WatkinsWednesday to Friday


Art Journalling is a huge subject and there are so many styles and techniques to be learned. It is really enjoyable to spend each Summer School exploring a series of different themes and some of the special techniques associated with these..... read more

"Fantastic, enthusiastic and generous tutor." (Summer School 2019)

Chinese Brush Painting: Studying Liu Jiyou (Animals)24th Aug to 26th Aug 2022
Tutor: William CaiWednesday to Friday


Through face to face instruction and with traditional demonstrations, this course will introduce the work of the artist Liu Jiyou (1918 to 1983), a native of Tianjin and an outstanding Chinese painter. Known as the "Rembrandt and Michelangelo of the East", Liu Jiyou is an accomplished master of animal painting and figure painting in the history of modern and contemporary Chinese art. In this workshop, through the study and research of Liu Jiyou's works, we will understand and master the essence of this master of Chinese painting. .... read more

"Williams information was very helpful with the most enjoyable subjects to paint" (March 2020)

Linocut meets Painting25th Aug to 26th Aug 2022
Tutor: Jessica RoseThursday to Friday


Painting and printmaking don't often combine together but we will be melding two completely different disciplines with stunning results. A must for anyone who's wondered how to take their skills in linocut further..... read more

"Very helpful tutor - I thoroughly recommend her." (October 2019)

Orchids in Watercolour and water-soluble pencil25th Aug to 26th Aug 2022
Tutor: Roger ReynoldsThursday to Friday


Capturing the textures and intricacies of structure in orchid flowers is a challenge. Generally, coloured pencils deal very well with textures, but fine detail is easier with watercolour. Water-soluble pencils can sometimes give you the best of both worlds. In this course you can be a water colourist, a pencilist or both! The course will allow you to explore this overlap..... read more

Roger is a great tutor and working with the other students created a relaxing atmosphere. (Summer School 2021)