Creative Arts Courses

Drizzle, Drool, Scribble and DripCourse Full - Add me to Waiting List5th Aug to 7th Aug 2024
Tutor: Jackie Devereux Monday to Wednesday


An expressive watercolour and ink workshop working on smooth (hot pressed) watercolour papers, as well as rough surfaces, to compare. Aimed at all levels - encouraging a loose colourful experience to break taboos about watercolour painting and encourage confidence levels to increase through mini workshops and individual tuition within a group dynamic..... read more

" The course was brilliant, I can't think of anything that would improve it." (April 2022)

Botanical Illustration - Luscious Fruits in WatercolourCourse Full - Add me to Waiting List5th Aug to 6th Aug 2024
Tutor: Jackie Isard SBA - NEW TUTORMonday to Tuesday


Would you like to paint a luscious strawberry, an exotic fruit or some shiny berries? Patterns, textures and colour are common in fruits so it is a lovely subject to explore and refine your skills. I will teach you the techniques to create shine and fruit textures with watercolour. You will receive my helpful tuition throughout the two days. There are many fruits to choose from so please bring one or two of your choice with you..... read more

From Sketchbook to Finished Artwork5th Aug to 7th Aug 2024
Tutor: Barry HernimanMonday to Wednesday


A great way to sketch 'en plein air' in front of your chosen subject and then produce a finished piece(s) of work from all your preparatory loose and lively sketches. The main theme here is information gathering so sketches, scribbles and notes will jog the memory of time and place within your painting(s)..... read more

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Missenden Abbey is a beautiful location and we made good use of the grounds for our sketching. (Summer School 2023)

Woodcarving5th Aug to 9th Aug 2024
Tutor: Ernest RiallMonday to Friday


The course aims to introduce complete beginners to the basic skills of carving, chisel sharpening and wood behaviour. In further sessions you may follow a structured course of set projects or develop your own ideas.At every stage you will add to your skills and knowledge of all aspects of carving and develop design skills. Experienced carvers will be helped to develop their own projects and skills.PLEASE NOTE: This course is being held at Wooburn Craft School - see below...... read more

Adventures in Linocut8th Aug to 9th Aug 2024
Tutor: Jessica RoseThursday to Friday


In this two day course you will learn a number of advanced linocut techniques, including chine colle, multi-block and reduction printing. This course is ideal for those looking to gain a greater understanding of the processes involved in making more complex prints. Those new to linocut are also welcome - just be ready for a slightly steeper learning curve than normal!.... read more

"Very helpful tutor - I thoroughly recommend her." (October 2019)

Mark Making for Surface Decoration8th Aug to 9th Aug 2024
Tutor: Janet EdmondsThursday to Friday


During this workshop you will create your own zigzag sketchbook. We will then add some free mark making to the sketchbook and select areas from the marks to interpret into stitch..... read more

"Always inspiring and encouraging - a good opportunity to learn new techniques in a supportive atmosphere, and polish up old ones.  I now have enough skills and ideas to keep me going for the next few months!" (November 2019)

When Art meets Craft13 Aug 2024
Tutor: Jackie Devereux Tuesday


This one day extravaganza is all about gaining confidence with watercolours whilst using up paintings which have not quite made it to the frame for one reason or another. Languishing under the bed is now a thing of the past! We shall magically revive or just start again……making simple experimental marks on paper, taking chances and surprise discoveries. Entering the world of Japanese Origami folding in the simplest way, boxes will emerge as if from nowhere..... read more

"A lovely weekend; a happy group, thank you." (March 2019)

Sketching with Watercolour Pencils14th Aug to 16th Aug 2024
Tutor: Jonathan NeweyWednesday to Friday


Discover the vibrant world of watercolour pencils in our immersive course! Unlock your artistic potential as you learn essential techniques in sketching and painting with these versatile tools. From mastering colour blending to sketching techniques such as pen and wash, our expert instructor will guide you through every step. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned artist, join us to explore the boundless possibilities of watercolour pencils and elevate your artwork to new heights!.... read more

"An excellent tutor who took us on very small steps to cope with complicated sketches with much more confidence." (Summer School 2019)

Floating Ink and Watercolour14th Aug to 16th Aug 2024
Tutor: Jackie Devereux Wednesday to Friday


Floating ink and watercolour featuring the wonders of watercolour with an optional drop of ink on the side! Discover the joys of watercolour and ink during this exciting organic workshop. Do you feel as if you are stuck in a rut with your painting? Then take the pressure off yourself by coming along and relax into watercolour with well known award winning professional artist, Jackie Devereux. Enjoy creating beautiful brushstrokes and wallow in luscious colour. Jackie will expertly guide you and your brushes through exciting exercises designed to take a leap into her colourful and creative world! Experimenting with different paper surfaces coupled with confidence growing modules, you will also learn how to see as an artist..... read more

"A lovely weekend; a happy group, thank you." (March 2019)

Print, Collage, StitchCourse Full - Add me to Waiting List14th Aug to 16th Aug 2024
Tutor: Paula WatkinsWednesday to Friday


Using hand carved Indian wood blocks with drawing and simple stitch we will be making decorative paper, fabric and embellishments to create collages. You can choose to display your collages as framed artwork or use them to add exciting pages in an artist book or sketchbook..... read more

"Paula was creative, informative, inspiring and inclusive. The course was beyond my expectations." (Summer School 2019)

Watercolours with Wow factor - Blooms and Gardens15th Aug to 16th Aug 2024
Tutor: Nicky Hunter Thursday to Friday


Enjoy creating vibrant watercolour artworks that have the wow factor! You will spend two days learning loose and lively painting techniques. On day one, we will focus on bold beautiful blooms filled with radiant colour and bursting with expressive brushwork. To expand your watercolour skills and knowledge and range of subject the second day will focus on painting a garden scene with bursting light and vibrant florals and foliage. Take your watercolours from drab to fab and improve your understanding of how to use this challenging yet magical medium!.... read more

Great tutor, giving individual attention. (Summer School 2021)

Portraits in Pastels and Pastel Pencils19th Aug to 20th Aug 2024
Tutor: Kevin Scully - NEW TUTORMonday to Tuesday


In this workshop you will be using both pastels and pastel pencils to create portraits in a traditional style as well as some more contemporary images. If you've ever wanted to draw or paint a portrait but you don't feel that you have the confidence or technique, then this workshop is for you! As well as creating a realistic likeness in a portrait, you will be shown how to produce some interesting and lively paintings..... read more

Chinese Landscape Painting19th Aug to 21st Aug 2024
Tutor: William CaiMonday to Wednesday


You will be introduced into how to use the skills of Chinese brushes,and the various methods of depicting trees and leaves along with rocks and stones, as examples, in order to build on the elements needed for a full landscape painting. Through demonstrations, everyone will be trained together, so that you will gradually master the skills of brushes and improve your ability to describe landscapes in Chinese painting..... read more

"Williams information was very helpful with the most enjoyable subjects to paint" (March 2020)

Drawing Skills in Graphite Pencil with a Touch of Colour19th Aug to 20th Aug 2024
Tutor: Jill WinchMonday to Tuesday


This is a two day course learning all about the drawing skills with graphite pencils and adding a touch of colour ..using coloured pencils. An exciting combination. Subject matter will be from the large range of Botanical subjects on offer at this time of year...... read more

"Excellent.  Jill was lovely and very helpful.  Great teaching and very nice atmosphere."  (Summer School 2019)