Paint in Egg Tempera - the Methods DemystifiedCourse Cancelled
Tutor: Maz Jackson - NEW TUTORCourse Code: 3322-09


Enjoy making a painting of any subject matter you wish by applying egg tempera to a gesso panel. You will be taken through initial exercises to familiarise yourself with the handling of this ancient medium and then build up a unique painting of your own.


You will be taught with group and individual attention on how to make your own gesso panels and temper mineral pigments with egg with which to paint, whilst learning about drawing, glazing, optical mixes and composition.  Paintings in egg tempera portray a unique vibrancy and patina which have given pleasure through the centuries, such as Botticelli's 'Venus', and the more contemporary works of Leonora Carrington, Freda Kahlo and Andrew Wyeth. With these historic references and more, you will practise techiques on a small pactice panel, and paint your artwork on a panel of your choice to suit your subject matter. These you will take home with your remaining pigments and blank panel, which you have made and purchased during the course, to continue with this wonderful medium at your leisure.

Please bring with you

Sketching materials: a pencil and small sketchbook will suffice, but bring more to suit if you wish
6 fresh as possible free range farmhouse eggs
Small palette knife
Watercolour brushes, including at least one rigger brush sizes 0 – 3 synthetic or sable
Yin Yang porcelain palette or similar
Small screw top sterile glass jar approx 7cms tall
1 sheet of fine sandpaper
A 10cm x 10cm piece of white cotton or linen
2 water jars
Roll of paper towel
1ltre bottle of distilled water
Vinyl or rubber gloves
Face mask

If you prefer to work from an easel or table easel rather than working flat, please bring your own easel.

Subject matter of your own choice and/or suggested by your tutor. Please bring, if you wish still life objects, flowers, photos and/or preliminary sketches, your imagination, or rely on views from the windows.

The following items can be purchased from your tutor

Please bring cash to pay your tutor for pigments and true gesso boards.  You will need to purchase the following:

  • True gesso panel making kit to experience and learn how to make gesso panels: £5.
  • A ‘practice’ true gesso panel and three mineral pigment kit for the introductory painting exercises to familiarise yourself with the medium: £10.
  • Thereafter, to make your unique painting, you will need to purchase a true gesso panel: £10 - £40, various sizes from 21 x 16cms to 44 x 30cms.  (The true gesso panels are marine plywood, sanded, sized, wrapped in sized cotton or linen, and covered in 3 -5 layers of true gesso following the 15th century methods of Cennino De’Andrea Cennini.)
  • Additional pigments can be purchased at £2 - £3 per pot, price depending on the grade of pigment. You can use as few or as many as you wish as the pigments are very economic to use. NB. Most pigments are ready-ground and mixed into pastes with distilled water.


Suitable for all levels

Course Location

Missenden Abbey
Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire HP16 0BD


Maz Jackson - NEW TUTOR

Maz Jackson - NEW TUTOR

Maz Jackson is an award-winning egg tempera artist and exhibits her unique egg tempera artwork worldwide in galleries and museums from Japan to Mexico and the USA. She has represented the UK at Florence, Palermo, and Venice Biennales and at the Salon des Independent, Grand Palais Paris. She is also an experienced tutor and has worked as an advisor for the BBC on egg tempera. Maz enjoys teaching this historic technique based on the fifteenth century Artists’ Handbook written by Cennini De’ Andrea Cennini and delights in making it accessible for all.

17th to 19th Aug 2022
Wednesday to Friday


9.15amStudents arrive (coffee available)
9.30amTeaching session
12.45-1.45Lunch for all
1.45-5pmTeaching session
6.45 for 7pmDinner for residents
7-9.00amBreakfast for residents
9.30amTeaching session
12.45-1.45Lunch for all
1.45-5pmTeaching session
6.45 for 7pmDinner for residents
7-9.00amBreakfast for residents
9.30amTeaching session
12.45-1.45Lunch for all
1.45-5pmLast teaching session

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