Chinese Calligraphy - Running Style
Tutor: Xuzhuang LiCourse Code: 1822-02


Chinese Calligraphy has been regarded as an essential part of Chinese culture and a unique form of oriental art with over 4,000 years of history. Among the five different scripts, running script is the most practical and useful. This weekend course will focus on running script, from basic strokes to some popular phrases and meaningful titles used in Chinese flower- bird and landscape paintings as well as some interesting stand - alone phrases for calligraphy, the course is suitable for all levels and will be conducted with introduction, demonstration and individual supervision in an encouraging and enjoyable way.


The course content will cover popular phrases and titles commonly used in flower - bird and landscape paintings, such as plum, lotus, chrysanthemum, orchid, peony, bamboo, pine tree, etc. as well as the scenery in four seasons. The meaningful titles can enhance the quality of art work to a cultural level, the skills they will learn: The basic strokes of running script; The rules of stroke orders; The step by step order of each character of the phrases; The match of calligraphy with the style of paintings; The proper place of calligraphy in a painting.

Please bring with you

A roll of calligraphy or painting paper;
A bottle of ink;
Two different size of brushes;
An ink stone;
A painting felt to put paper on;

The following items can be purchased from your tutor

Materials can be purchased from: Oriental Arts,


Suitable for all levels

Course Location

Missenden Abbey
Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire HP16 0BD


Xuzhuang Li

Xuzhuang Li

Dr Xuzhuang Li is a retired lecturer from Exeter University, teaching Mandarin Chinese language and translation theory and practice. Teaching Chinese Mah Jongg, Chinese calligraphy and Chinese chess is his spare-time hobby. He is a scholar with a good range of knowledge and an experienced tutor in adult education as well.

6th to 8th May 2022
Friday to Sunday

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