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Tutor: Janet EdmondsCourse Code: 3320-17 (was3420-04)


Many textile artists are drawn to materials and surfaces weathered by sun, wind and rain, and that are transformed over time into an aesthetic beauty of decay. Close observation of the patination on old, disintegrating surfaces will be the inspiration for this workshop. The act of selecting textures that are changed by the ravages of weather and time such as crumbling stonework, peeling paint, dry plaster and decaying wood, of looking, considering and recording their details, will result in intensely worked surfaces on paper and fabric.


A variety of processes and techniques will be employed to record the peculiarities of each subtle change and variation of surface. Painted and printed papers will be subjected to scraping, sanding, scratching and tearing to achieve that sense of elapsed time with surface marks will be bitten and eroded away. These surfaces will be further changed by cutting, folding, rolling and manipulation to give dimension and form, providing ideas to inspire and develop future work. Stitching by hand will add detail and definition to these worn surfaces.

Please bring with you

Please bring a design source, either photographs or drawings to show weathered and disintegrating surfaces to provide inspiration.
A variety of papers to include cartridge, brown wrapping paper, tissue, some coloured papers , copy paper, painted bondaweb,.
Drawing materials: variety of pens and pencils for mark making
PVA glue, water pot, palette, variety of brushes, old credit card for scraping, craft knife, cutting mat, Colouring medium such as acrylics, inks, markel sticks if you have them, gesso, small piece of sponge, kitchen towel for cleaning up, baking parchment, apron and disposable gloves.
Sewing kit, variety of thicknesses of threads to compliment your source material,
Cotton fabric, either sheeting or calico, any fabrics that you have that break down easily such as bandage or fine scrim, muslin and chiffon.
Two pieces of A4 paper that have been sewn with a grid of machined lines, about 3 or 4mm apart.
(Optional: If you wish, you may bring a sewing machine to do this task on the course but it will save you time to do it in advance.)


Suitable for all levels

Course Location

Missenden Abbey
Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire HP16 0BD


Janet Edmonds

Janet is a freelance textile artist, author of several books and experienced tutor, exhibiting and delivering courses to adults nationally and internationally. She has taught City & Guilds courses for 25 years at various centres, including Missenden Abbey, and also runs advanced workshops. She was awarded the Medal for Excellence and the Broderers Prize in 2016.  She is a member of the Embroiderers’ Guild and the Textile Study Group.

12th to 14th Aug 2020
Wednesday to Friday


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"I very much enjoyed the course and having one day of design and one of stitching worked well." (June 2019)

"Always inspiring and encouraging - a good opportunity to learn new techniques in a supportive atmosphere, and polish up old ones.  I now have enough skills and ideas to keep me going for the next few months!" (November 2019)

"Lots more like this, please" (November 2019)